With Just One Interview, You Could Reach Well Over 100,000 Targeted Listeners, or Readers, and Dramatically Increase Your Income

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Five International Hermes Gold Awards For
Excellence in Creativity and Innovation for Exceptional Branding,
Marketing, and Communication.

Can You Answer Yes to Any of These Questions?

  • Are you an entrepreneur wondering how you can really show the world what you stand for while maximizing your marketing and PR power for minimum investment?
  • Are you a business coach who recognizes that imparting the skills necessary to create and execute an effective media strategy is essential for both yourself and your clients?
  • Have you reached your limit with PR professionals who have proven ineffective?
  • Are you searching for actionable strategies you can put into effect in a matter of weeks proven to bring your brand to the attention of the media – for all the right reasons?

It can be hard when you’re just getting started in your business or you have a limited budget, and you know you need to quickly get in front of your audience.

But there’s one thing most successful business leaders and influencers have in common…

What sets them apart is their ability to spot opportunities in the media and use them to showcase their expertise. They use the media to present themselves as authorities with something to offer, and to stay in the minds of their audience.

The truth is, there will always be someone with more experience or knowledge, but your audience will choose the people they trust over people with the best credentials 100% of the time.

People like Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and so many other extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs started with the same toolkit you have right now and used the media to position themselves as leaders in their field.

It’s critical that you get as much exposure for your business as possible without spending an enormous amount of money
to do it.

Media helps small businesses to become medium-sized companies, and medium-sized companies to become multimillion-dollar international brands.

Every successful brand you’ve ever heard of stays relevant by consistently incorporating publicity into their marketing strategies. They are always looking for new and creative ways to present compelling stories to their prospects and customers.

When done correctly, publicity will give you instant traction and immediate engagement with your dream customers. Your audience is actively searching for someone like you to solve their problems. So, when you present yourself to them through the media, they won’t just want to do business with you—they’ll be grateful for you. And that’s how consistent profits happen.

Here's a hard fact why publicity is great for business:

Publicity offers you a level of endorsement that no other form of marketing can. Industry studies have concluded that publicity is about 90% more effective than advertising. When you are endorsed by the media, it opens up unlimited opportunities and gives you instant credibility. It positions you as an authority and influencer in your field, and gives you much more leverage.

Why should you handle your own publicity
instead of hiring a PR firm?

You know your business better than anyone.

  • You control what media personalities you connect with.
  • You tell your story your way; the story that works best for your business.
  • You develop long-term relationships with media contacts that will take your business to multiple next levels and will matter to you for years to come.
  • You control your marketing costs but maximize the benefits of publicity.
  • You gain tens of thousands of dollars-worth of free advertising time that otherwise would not be possible

How small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals use
and benefit from publicity:

Early in my career, I had to create my own publicity success formula.

When I was just starting out many years ago, and as I began testing the publicity success formula I developed for myself, the turning point for me was a few interviews I did for local newspapers. After they were published, I was asked to do an interview on a local news show, News Channel 8. Then, I booked myself on a local talk show to share insights on the topic of my first book.

Every single one of these opportunities transformed the way I thought of my business, and the way my audience thought about me. And slowly, I developed a reliable system that produced results every time.

These “smaller” shows allowed me to get featured on larger shows with much bigger audiences. If overnight successes exist, I am definitely not one of them—instead, one opportunity led to the next like the snowball effect.

Soon, I didn’t have to reach out on my own. I started receiving invitations to do book signings and speak at events.

What followed was my award-winning TV show. As an executive producer and host, I was able to reach more than 5 million households every week and that absolutely sky-rocketed my, authority, influence, and yes, sales.

But the best part is that I got the chance to have a positive impact on lives by having guests on the show who had great stories and information to share.

The secret to getting media exposure is knowing how to link your experience and what you know to media outlets whose audience can benefit from it, and delivering messages that resonate to the point of getting people to take action.

You can experience the snowball effect too, if you’ll just step
out of your comfort zone.

Hi, I’m Monica Davis. I’ve had the privilege of working in many positions in the media industry including executive producer, producer, TV and video director, narrator, host, journalist, publisher, and media coach and trainer.

I chose to work in the media industry because I wanted to have a positive impact on the world.

I had a passion for shedding light on people who are changing the world as well as their own lives. I’ve always believed in helping people tell their authentic stories and share their knowledge so that others may benefit.

Since I began my career in media, I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of exceptional people from all socio-economic backgrounds and professions who all want to reach as many people as possible.

The system I’ll be sharing with you is a proven blueprint that works in all kinds of markets for any size business.

My purpose in developing this program is to ensure that you win with publicity by reaching as much of your targeted market as possible while saving time and money.

It can help you reach a much larger targeted audience with your message. It can also help you rapidly establish credibility and influence which can lead to more sales, exceptional deals and partnerships needed to generate more growth, and create the business you desire.

The Three Biggest Roadblocks That Keep Entrepreneurs From
Getting The Exposure They Need for Rapid Growth.

When you incorporate a smart step-by-step publicity plan into your marketing, you start to gain instant authority and credibility and you reach your target market far more quickly.

  • Imagine the amount of time, money and effort you can save, but yet you reap the benefits of knowing how to get your business in the spotlight. The influence and credibility you gain is unmatched to any other form of marketing.
  • Imagine sharing your message with hundreds of thousands of radio listeners or TV viewers who cannot wait to hear what you have to say!
  • Imagine getting tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of FREE media exposure that puts you directly in front of your dream customers!
  • Imagine gaining the respect you deserve as an entrepreneur and being recognized as the go-to expert!

I’m Excited to Share With You a Proven System That Answers All Your Questions About Getting Publicity

When you have the right plan at your fingertips, you can:

  • Impact more people with your message and connect them to your brand without the headaches of searching for incomplete information
  • Justify raising your fees because you’re seen as an influential problem solver
  • Increase your credibility and go from best-kept secret to go-to expert

Introducing: Media Mastery

A step-by-step comprehensive virtual learning program that provides easy-to-implement formulas and specific strategies you can immediately put to work to get your name in front of your prospects with little or no cash outlay by harnessing the potency of the media.

Over six weekly video trainings, downloadable plans and worksheets, and an optional private Facebook community. I will share the same step-by-step system I have used to get media coverage with local, regional and national media outlets.

Module #1 - Introduction

Not sure where to start? In this module, you will gain a better understanding of the different types of media exposure available to you and the various ways it can impact your business.

We’ll dive into:

  • Gaining clarity in your business so you’ll know exactly whom you should be targeting with your message
  • How to find the right media contact information
  • How to determine what value you can offer the media
  • What you should include in your media strategy
  • How to create a bio that will set you apart from your competitors
  • And a lot more

This module is packed with content guaranteed to get you up and running and headed for publicity success right away.

Module #2 - Media Strategy

In this module, you will learn how to pitch the media, discover key components for obtaining media coverage including how to create compelling headlines, messages and press releases that grab media attention.

We’ll dive into:

  • Developing key messages and sound bites you want your target audience to hear, remember and act on.
  • You’ll develop pitches that garner attention from reporters and journalists
  • You’ll learn how to create compelling press releases that command attention, and where to distribute them to get the most impact.
  • You’ll learn how to generate story ideas that the media wants.
  • I give you samples of proven press releases and media pitches that have work for us
  • And so much more

Module #3 - The Interview: How to Shine

In this module, you will learn about the interview process. You will discover how to get booked on radio and television, connect with top bloggers and secure magazine interviews. You will also discover key elements that increase interview bookings and improve results.

We’ll dive into:

  • How to get booked on major radio and television shows and in magazines, and book local radio and TV interviews.
  • How to increase the results and impact of your interviews.
  • How to look and sound professional.
  • How not to diminish the impact of your brand which so many people do without even realizing it.
  • Plus, a lot more

This module prepares you for getting and delivering your best interviews.

Module #4 - Create Your Magnetic Media Kit

Your media kit both online and offline is your calling card for getting publicity. In this module, you will learn how to create an effective, professional kit and online media room. You will also discover the key elements of a great biography and the three types of bios you should have available for different types of media interviews.

We’ll dive into:

  • How to create a digital and a physical media kit that outshines your competitors.
  • What content should be included in each.
  • The most important bios you should have and how to structure the content in each of them

Module #5 - Maximizing Your Media Coverage

In this module, you will learn techniques for monitoring what the media is saying about you and how to use your website to maximize your publicity; and how to use your publicity to turn your prospects into clients.

We’ll dive into:

  • Ways to monitor and turn your press coverage into long-term benefits.
  • How to create and use your media room to attract the media’s attention.
  • How to engage key influencers and get them involved.
  • How to extend the value of your interview well beyond the interview itself
  • And much more

Module #6 - Measuring Your Results Of Your Media Coverage

In this module, you will learn key factors for measuring the effectiveness of your media coverage and tools for tracking your success.

We’ll dive into:

  • I include key points for you to consider and important questions to ask yourself when measuring the success of your media coverage so
  • How to track your media success
  • Tools you can use to help determine who viewed your media coverage and where your customers are coming from.

If you know where your customers are coming from, you can plan your media strategy around those specific areas and maximize the impact of your interviews.

Plus, Three Free Bonuses

Online Reputation Management- Protecting Your Brand: Value $197

Everything you do or say has the potential to end up on the internet. So, it’s important that you maintain a good reputation as you do business and connect with others online.

We’ll cover:

  • Building a good reputation online
  • How to deal with negative information
  • Steps to managing and protecting your reputation online
  • How to repair online reputation when the worst happens
  • What to look for when hiring an online reputation management service
  • How to create an online reputation damage control strategy
  • How to respond to negative comments
  • …And more

How to Influence Your Market: $297 Value 

Influence is a powerful tool in business and in life. It affects behavior because of the reputation you have earned as a leader and problem-solver in your field. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to influence their audience and get them to take the action?

With this bonus you’ll learn:

  • How to apply the proven strategies of industry influencers
  • How to create content that builds your influence
  • How to build your presence where it has the most influential impact
  • Plus you’ll learn how to measure your social influence

How to Use stories to Captivate Your Audience: $147 Value

Most people, regardless of the business they're in, find it difficult to build successful bonds with their audience. They have a hard time engaging prospects and getting them to listen to what they have to say.

Sharing a compelling story can help capture their attention right away – whether you’re speaking to them one-on-one, or you’re speaking to them on stage. Once you’ve have established and emotional connection, it's much easier to persuade them to take action.

In this bonus you’ll:

  • Learn the different types of personal stories that can be used in your business
  • Brainstorm a list of stories you're already familiar with that people use
  • Use story prompts to help you get started right away
  • Discover specific features that will make your story more compelling and effective
  • Explore how to tailor the message of your story to your audience
  • Discover methods for practicing and telling your story so that it has the most impact
  • Find opportunities for telling your stories

Here is everything included in the Media Mastery Program

Six Step-by-Step Video Training Sessions containing 26 Videos -$2,500 Value

Over 50 Scripts, Guides, Worksheets, Checklists, plus Real Press Releases, Media Pitches and Interviews with Critiques—$2,997 Value

Private Facebook Group


As soon as you register, you will get instant access to the Introduction Module so that you can dive in right away. Then, another module will become available each week.


You will have lifetime access to the Media Superstar Mastery videos and tools so you can revisit when you have questions or need to write a new press release, pitch or soundbites.

When you delve into this course, you’re going to learn exactly what it takes to put the media to work for your brand. You’re going to come out of each module that much closer to complete media mastery.

If you don’t believe you’re learning powerful strategies that can and will put your brand in a better position in your market, simply contact us and we will refund your purchase 100% within the first 30 days.

No hoops to jump through. Just send an email.

When you enroll in the Media Mastery course,
you will receive:

Six Video Teaching Modules

  • Six Video Teachings with 26 videos
  • Private Facebook Group for collaboration and getting your questions answered by our team

Media Scripts, Worksheets, Guides, and Tools

  • Quick Tips for Pitching to Reporters - Cheatsheet
  • Create Media Hooks That Wow! - Worksheet
  • ​Interviews That Position You as an Expert - Template
  • Proven Media Pitches That Get Results - Real Life Samples and Templates
  • Real TV, Magazine and Video Interviews – The Good and the Bad, Critiqued
  • Proven Press Releases That Get Results – Real Life Samples That Work
  • ​How to Consistently Get Featured on Podcasts - Guide
  • How to Get Booked on Major Radio and Television - Guide
  • And over 40 more Scripts, Guides, Cheatsheets, Worksheets, and Checklists

Are you ready to reach thousands of targeted prospects with your message?

Do you want to learn exactly how to put the media to work for you
day in and day out, without having to spend a dime on ads?

Your Media Mastery Begins Now!

When you register, you'll receive an email confirming your registration. Your email will include instructions on how to access your learning portal and join our private Facebook community.

You’re just a few clicks away from availing yourself of an opportunity that most small business owners only wish they had.

You’re about to see for yourself why studies have proven PR to be at least 90% more effective than advertising.

You’re about to learn how to build a trusted brand image that will generate more income for you than any ad ever could.

It’s Your Time To Shine,

What CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Like You Are Saying

My success rate has been excellent. Well exceeded my investment...Monica answered questions I didn’t even know I had.

Dr. Laureen Wishom, Business and Career Strategist

Monica is a seasoned media expert and coach who uniquely understand how to help business owners leverage the power of video and the media to achieve increased credibility, brand awareness, more clients and influence. I highly recommend Monica as your source for achieving business growth through effective media strategies.

Dr. George C. Fraser Chairman & CEO, FraserNet, Inc.

Your coverage of my story was recognized by leaders and CEOs around the world, and helped me build new partnerships. I’m forever grateful for the impact you’ve had on me and my business.

The Honorable Mike Farhat

The feedback Monica provided me after my recent radio interview was invaluable. She has helped me perfect my interviewing technique which has taken my speaking abilities to a new level. Thanks again for being such a credible resource. I would recommend that anyone who wants to enhance their brand look to you for brand management.

Scharrell Talley Jackson
Partner & Chief Operations and Financial Officer of Squar Milner

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course materials? +

You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials with your own member password.

What format is the course content delivered in? +

The course content consists of videos, worksheets, checklists, and templates.

How much time do I need to invest? +

To reap the rewards of publicity, you need to be consistent and persistent in seeking interview opportunities and preparing for those opportunities. Devoting time to your publicity efforts on a daily or weekly basis will return results sooner. Likewise, if you only review the materials once or twice a month it will take much longer to get results. You must be committed to doing the work.

Can I get a refund? +

I one-hundred percent believe that the Media Mastery Program will work for you. It’s the same process and strategies I used to go from no one knowing who I was, to building a successful media company and becoming an influential media expert that Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs seek for media exposure and consulting over the past 20 years.

If, within 30 days of working with the material in the Media Mastery Program:

  • You are unable to develop a simple strategy for reaching your publicity goals, OR:
  • You are unhappy for any reason, let me know and I’ll be happy to refund your financial investment without question.
Can I get support? +

You'll have the opportunity to join our private online community where you can get your publicity questions answered by us, and communicate and get support from your peers in the group.


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